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HA Infrastructure & CI/CD for a FinTech Company

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About The Client​

Client Name: Under NDA

The Client is one of the biggest and fastest growing providers of comprehensive technology and outsourcing solutions for wealth management in Switzerland.

The client was struggling with a costly infrastructure which provided very low issue response speed. They were looking for a reliable DevOps partner to help them build a new, modern infrastructure with a much more efficient way of utilizing resources, unified builds for their .NET, C++, WPF and iOS applications, and automated testing process. They chose Greg Solutions.

Location: Switzerland

Team Size

2 DevOps Engineers

Industry: FinTech

Project Duration:

8 months

Expertise delivered:

VSphere ESXi Infrastructure Design DevOps Consulting Docker Adoption Monitoring System Integration Logging System Integration LDAP integration CI/CD design and development Infrastructure as Code Development


1. Build a reliable bare metal infrastructure with the effective utilization of resources.

2. Unify builds for .NET, C++, WPF and iOS applications.

3. Decrease the infrastructure response time and resilience to issues.

4. Automate the performance of unit, integration and functional testing.

5. Support and proactively improve multiple environments.

6. Improve the resource utilization process for CUDA applications.


Built developer-friendly environments.
That are based on VSphere ESXi using Rancher and support blue-green applications deployment.
Unified build and deployment processes.
Using TeamCity, GoCD, Fastlane and Docker.
Implemented detailed monitoring.
The applications and the infrastructure are now secured with performance metrics, SSL verifications, application health checks and team alerting.
Automated functional and integration tests execution.

As part of Continuous Delivery using Docker, GoCD, Newman and xUnit reports.

Designed and built a centralized logging system.
 For both the applications and the infrastructure.
Implemented CUDA virtualization computing.
 For the applications using Docker.

Technologies Used

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