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Security-Focused Infrastructure for Inventify

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About The Client​

Inventify AG is a Swiss software startup, focusing on the development of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud solutions for businesses across various industries.

The client provides сloud-based software development services to businesses across industries and they needed our DevOps assistance for one of the projects. Our engineers were expected to expand their team’s capabilities by building a platform-independent infrastructure. Since the project involved dealing with sensitive user data, a special emphasis was put on security, the client needed us to introduce role-based access and reliable data backup management procedures.

Location: Switzerland

Team Size

2-3 DevOps Engineers

Industry: SaaS

Project Duration:

22 months + ongoing development

Expertise delivered:

Google Cloud Infrastructure Design DevOps Consulting Backup System Development Infrastructure Cost Reduction Kubernetes & Docker Adoption CI/CD Implementation Monitoring System Integration Logging System Integration Configured VoIP Telephony

Success Story

Inventify offers a platform that transforms businesses across industries, such as Education, Legal Services, Automotive and others. It allows companies to grow exponentially and create products that make a difference. Inventify is a perfect combination of next-generation no-code software, enterprise-grade architecture, highly scalable dockerized infrastructure and geo-redundant datacenters located exclusively in Switzerland.


1. Build a reliable infrastructure to store sensitive user data.

2. Automate the client’s CI/CD process.

3. Implement data backup management procedures.

4. Provide tools to measure code quality.

5. Automate integration and unit-tests.

6. Deploy and configure software development tools


Built a cost-effective and secured infrastructure.
Using Google Cloud Platform and Google Kubernetes Engine.
Introduced the fully automated CI/CD process.
The offers one-click deployment and streamlined disaster recovery time.
Integrated role-based access.

Using LDAP to manage access to all software development tools, like Jira, Confluence and TeamCity.

Enabled code quality measurement.

Automate the performance of unit and integration tests, integrated SonarQube for code quality checks.

Ensured system stability.
By building advanced monitoring and centralized application logging.
Automated daily operations.

Such as backups, Docker images clean-ups and others.

Configured VoIP telephony

Using FreePBX running in Docker as solution VoIP telephony.

Technologies Used

Client Feedback

"Their team constantly on top of the latest technologies and approaches, which helps us to take advantage of those techniques in turn. They view their jobs more as a passion than a profession, and that attitude sets them clearly apart."
Martin Polasek
CEO @ Inventify AG

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