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80% Infrastructure Cost Reduction for a US Healthcare Startup

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About The Client​

Client Name: Under NDA

The client is a US-based software startup working on the advancements in genomics diagnostics and therapeutics.

A US-based Healthcare startup turned to Greg Solutions with a request to help optimize their infrastructure cost to reduce expenses. They also needed our assistance with Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery and other tools that would make their infrastructure more secure and reliable, such as centralized application logging and an advanced alerting system that would notify of the arising issues.

Location: USA

Team Size

1 DevOps Engineer

Industry: Healthcare

Project Duration:

8 months

Expertise delivered:

Staff augmentation AWS Infrastructure Cost Optimization Monitoring System Integration Disaster Recovery Implementation CI/CD Implementation Logging System Integration LDAP integration


1. Decrease the client’s AWS infrastructure cost.

2. Enable Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for various application types.

3. Improve infrastructure stability & security.

4. Implement centralized application logging.

5. Introduce alerting and notifications for the operational team.


Decreased the client’s infrastructure expenses by 80%
Using Amazon EC2 spot instances, scheduled background workers and infrastructure optimization.
Developed unified CI/CD processes
For mobile and server applications.
Improved software stability and audibility

By adding centralized logging and enabling error alerts.

Improved the disaster recovery process
With the help of encrypted snapshots of the client’s critical data.
Designed a secure way of running EMR jobs

On the encrypted storage.

Technologies Used

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