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High-Availability Amazon EKS Clusters with Terraform

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About The Client​

Client Name: Under NDA

Our client is a mid-size company located in the US and working on hardware development and provisioning.

The client was striving to ensure the high quality of their product and needed an infrastructure to help support it. Our engineers were asked to apply an infrastructure-as-code tool to codify the client’s AWS infrastructure and implement automatic pipelines to speed up the updates of the environments and improve code quality. In addition to providing DevOps support, Greg Solutions also consulted the client on improving the components in multiple projects.

Location: USA

Team Size

1 DevOps Engineer

Industry: Hardware Development

Project Duration:

14 months + ongoing development

Expertise delivered:

Staff augmentation AWS Infrastructure Design AWS Infrastructure Cost Optimization Kubernetes & Docker Adoption Monitoring System Integration Infrastructure as a Code Development CI/CD Implementation


1. Codify the AWS infrastructure with an infrastructure-as-code tool.

2. Develop automatic pipelines for infrastructure updates.

3. Improve code quality and speed up the updates of the environments.

4. Migrate the applications from Amazon ECS to the Amazon EKS clusters.

5. Improve the components in multiple projects and provide DevOps support.


Migrated the client’s infrastructure
From AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) clusters to AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) clusters.
Developed CI/CD processes
To enable infrastructure modifications with pipelines using Terraform and CircleCI.
Improved code quality and accelerated the evolution of the infrastructure

Using code quality checks, nightly builds and custom notifications.

Improved security

With Amazon IAM features, multi-factor authentication and regular security checks.

Provided daily DevOps support
Troubleshooting, user access management, updating infrastructure by request.

Technologies Used

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