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AWS Cloud HSM Implementation for eSignature SaaS Provider

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About The Client​

eSign Genie is a US-based HIPAA-compliant company which provides a platform for digital signatures. Embedded into the customer’s software or used independently, it allows to create documents/reusable templates, share them securely and obtain fast and secure legally binding electronic and digital signatures.

The customer provides a platform for electronic legally binding signatures. To safely store private keys they needed to use a highly secure and HIPAA-compliant Hardware Secure Module (HSM) provided by Amazon (AWS CloudHSM). The deployment and configuration of the service, as well as the creation of properly secured private keys and integration of applications with HSM are not some easy tasks. Greg Solutions applied our extensive experience to support the customer every step of the way, starting from the configuration of CloudHSM till the generation of a proper CSR (certificate signing request) for the Cloud Authority (CA) and integration of the application with CloudHSM using the Client HSM daemon, HSM SDK and Java.

Location: USA

Team Size

2 People

Industry: SaaS

Project Duration:

3 weeks

Expertise delivered:

AWS Cloud HSM Deployment Java Development Logging System Integration Monitoring System Integration Infrastructure as a Code Development

Success Story

Multiple customers prefer eSign Genie over its competitors because of the wide array of useful features, such as API integration, bulk/mass signatures, template library & hierarchical security. Highly rated for its quality, ease of use, customer support and value for money, this tool made it to Top 20 Digital Signature Products on Capterra.


1. Deploy and configure AWS CloudHSM clusters for multiple environments to securely store private keys.

2. Pass the workflow of generating non-exportable private keys to retrieve a certificate from the certificate authority.

3. Enable the automation of document signatures using the Java and private keys from CloudHSM.

4. Provide comprehensive documentation and support for the client’s development team to help them migrate the system from the hardware HSM to AWS CloudHSM.


Deployed Cloud HSM clusters
Deployed and configured highly secure AWS CloudHSM clusters in multiple AWS environments using Terraform for the initial steps.
Connected Java Web API server and Cloud HSM

Implemented a Java Web API server that interacts with CloudHSM using PKCS 12 and helps to securely sign user documents.

Document the Cloud HSM setup and configuration
Provided the documentation helping to deploy, configure and connect applications to the highly secure AWS CloudHSM clusters
Ensured system stability

Added Cloud HSM monitoring using AWS Cloud Watch

Provided maintenance & troubleshooting support
Supported the client’s development team, assisted with the system’s configuration, debugging and troubleshooting.

Technologies Used

Client Feedback

"Greg Solutions team completed the entire project within a few weeks and the product was extremely solid; it didn't need any further maintenance. They displayed a deep experience in the technology used. Having excellent project management skills, the team had great synergy and their process was thorough."
Mahender Bist
Founder and CEO at eSign Genie

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