DERMPRO: 70% cost reduction

DERMPRO: 70% Cost Reduction

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About The Client​

DERMPRO is a hosted e-commerce and marketing platform designed specifically for the aesthetics services industry.

The client’s eCommerce system was based on a complex cumbersome infrastructure, which required plenty of time and resources to support. They were looking for a reliable DevOps consultant, who would help them set up a much more efficient process. Specifically, they needed our assistance to automate some of the tedious routine operations, reduce deployment time and enhance application build and release process to make the system more resilient and transparent.

Success Story

DERMPRO became a market leader in e-commerce-enabled marketing solutions for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medspas. Our client teamed up with a handful of companies offering some of the best products and services in aesthetic marketing and practice management.


1. Reduce the infrastructure maintenance cost

2. Handle the complexity of infrastructure operation.

3. Decrease application build and release time.

4. Automate routine processes, such as database backups and new store provisioning.

5. Save time for troubleshooting and improve visibility.


Decreased infrastructure cost by 85%

Migrated the AWS infrastructure from AWS Elastic Container Service to cost-effective and high availability AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service clusters.

Increased build speed by 63%

Using an optimized CI process with Jenkins, lightweight Docker images, self-hosted Composer repository, and parallel functional tests execution.

Automated provision & deployment for new client shops

The provisioning of a new shop now takes 2 hours instead of the  a few days.

Improved the audit and monitoring process

Integrated centralized logging and monitoring (AWS infrastructure, Kubernetes clusters, technical and business metrics from client applications).

Provided automation for critical operations
Implemented automation for critical operations, such as database backups.
Simplified infrastructure management
We simplified infrastructure management, provisioning and improved disaster recovery with Packer and Terraform as an Infrastructure as Code tool.

Technologies Used

Client Feedback

"Their technology, language capabilities, and work seemed to be rock solid. Greg Solutions is one of those firms that understand all components. They’re professional, and I see no future where I wouldn’t be working with them."
Jay Oyakawa
Managing Director at DERMPRO

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