Cost-Effective & Scalable AWS Infrastructure for A Trading Platform

Cost-Effective & Scalable AWS Infrastructure for A Trading Platform

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About The Client​

MyBotGarage is an innovative cloud-based, high-frequency trading platform for digital assets. It is a simple, profitable and efficient way to trade on the world’s fastest growing crypto market called Binance Futures.

The client was looking for DevOps engineers familiar with the specifics of Blockchain, cryptocurrency and crypto exchanges. Greg Solutions, as a company working with both DevOps and Blockchain, was a natural fit. Our engineers provided their expertise with cloud infrastructure design, the creation of managed Kubernetes clusters, CI/CD integration and security testing with DevSecOps. We built a scalable, cost-efficient and fault-tolerant trading platform, which can be integrated with various crypto marketplaces such as Binance.

Location: USA

Team Size

2-3 DevOps Engineers

Industry: Crypto Trading

Project Duration:

5 months + ongoing support

Expertise delivered:

DevOps Consulting AWS Infrastructure Design AWS Infrastructure Cost Reduction Kubernetes & Docker Adoption CI/CD Implementation Monitoring System Integration Logging System Integration Infrastructure as a Code Development

Success Story

The Greg Solutions team created a reliable AWS infrastructure with the main focus on scalability as well as seamless user experience. The platform has been successfully released and is now used by a significant number of users.


1. Build a reliable, scalable and cost-effective AWS infrastructure for the сryptocurrency trading platform.

2. Enable all the necessary disaster recovery procedures for both the app and its infrastructure.

3. Develop and integrate the systems with CI/CD.

4. Ensure the system scalability.

5. Strengthen the system security from the infrastructure side.

6. Integrate Infrastructure as a Code into the Agile application development process.


Designed and implemented an AWS infrastructure

Using Terraform for the Infrastructure as a Code approach.

Decreased infrastructure costs by 82%

In comparison with standard infrastructure design and regular infrastructure costs.

Deployed AWS Elastic Kubernetes clusters

For the unified application hosting with advanced monitoring and scaling.

Deployed scalable proxy services on top of Elastic Container Service

To distribute workload for the interaction with external services and have a cost-effective pool of external IP addresses.

Designed a scaling process

Using application metrics, Prometheus and bespoke scale components.

Implemented & Configured CI/CD pipelines

Implemented and configured Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines for multiple applications

Configured centralized monitoring

Configured monitoring for the underlying AWS infrastructure, Kubernetes clusters and platform applications

Logging: Implemented logging procedures

Implemented logging procedures for the infrastructure & applications

Conducted a penetration analysis

Conducted a penetration analysis of the infrastructure using DevSecOps practices.

Increased the infrastructure disaster recovery potential

Using Terraform and the Infrastructure as a Code approach.

Technologies Used

Client Feedback

"The Greg Solutions team really know what they are doing. We were struggling with some architecture issues and thought that there was no way to fix them in a way that’s both easy and scalable, but after just a few meetings with the experts at Greg Solutions they came up with elegant, easy and scalable solutions. Moreover, we’ve already got a POC solution that fulfills our needs. As a Product Owner, I truly enjoyed working with Greg Solutions, these guys catch everything on the go and there is no reason to worry about timing and quality. During our cooperation we received numerous ideas, proposals and hints about how to improve our cloud platform solution. They are genuine pros with a high level of investigation and problem solving skills."
Andriy Rohalya
CEO @ MyBotGarage

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