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Cloud Infrastructure Design for Brainbean Apps: CI/CD for iOS & Android Apps

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About The Client​

Brainbean Apps is a full-cycle software company with a core expertise in building full-fledged digital projects in the domains of Internet of Things, Maps & Navigation and Business Automation.

The client was struggling with IT infrastructure maintenance and required our DevOps expertise to optimize the existing system that they used to host their iOS and Android apps. Brainbean Apps realized they needed to replace their hosting platform and were actively searching for more reliable and cost-efficient alternatives, looking to also streamline the time-to-market for new features and build unified delivery and deployment pipelines for their mobile app development process

Location: Estonia

Team Size

1-2 DevOps Engineers

Industry: IT Company

Project Duration:

9 months

Expertise delivered:

Staff augmentation DevOps Consulting AWS Infrastructure Design Google Cloud Infrastructure Design Docker & Kubernetes Adoption CI/CD Development

Success Story

Brainbean Apps became a valuable partner for clients across IoT, Maps & Navigation and Business Automation. They were recognized as the Top Development company for B2B in 2019 on the Estonian market.


1. Reduce the cost of cloud services.

2. Provide a user-friendly platform for applications hosting.

3. Decrease time-to-market of the developed features.

4. Build unified pipelines for mobile applications.

5. Provide IT infrastructure maintenance and team support.


Built and supported various infrastructures
We built and supported various infrastructures on AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean and VMware ESXi.
Unified CI/CD processes for mobile applications
Unified CI/CD processes for mobile applications: implemented boilerplate Jenkins files for iOS & Android mobile applications.
Containerized applications
Containerized applications with Docker, built pipelines for Node.js applications and increased resource utilization
Decreased time-to-market of the developed features
Implemented CI and CD pipelines with auto-deploy to development environments.
Built deployment pipelines

To deliver mobile applications to GCP Firebase.

Provided daily DevOps support
Troubleshooting, user access management, ensuring stability of the environments.

Technologies Used

Client Feedback

"They adjust to the specifics of our needs quite fast, and the work has been very professional. The team has always focused on building out highly reliable infrastructure and delivery pipelines. I highly appreciate that and can recommend Greg Solutions as a reliable team."
Alexey Pelykh
CTO at Brainbean Apps

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