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Fault-Tolerant AWS, Azure & GCP Infrastructures for Virtido

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About The Client​

Virtido is an entrepreneurial Swiss-based business process outsourcing and IT company. The client implements ideas and projects — from strategic concepts to technical implementation.

Since the client operates in multiple areas, they needed our help with several projects, which required expertise in different technology stacks and a flexible process in place. Their main task was to build multiple infrastructures from the ground up, infrastructures that would be cost-efficient and support their business objectives. In addition, Virtido needed to improve their software development lifecycle with the right tools for system administration and team communication.
Location: Switzerland

Team Size

1-3 DevOps Engineers

Industry: IT Company

Project Duration:

22 months + ongoing development

Expertise delivered:

DevOps Consulting AWS Infrastructure Design Azure Infrastructure Design Google Cloud Infrastructure Design Kubernetes & Docker Adoption CI/CD implementation Monitoring System Integration Logging System Integration

Success Story

Virtido launched a Startup Incubator that connects high-growth Ukrainian tech Startups with business expertise and smart money – to help startups commercialise technological innovation.


1. Design multiple cost-effective and stable infrastructures.

2. Increase the development speed and streamline time-to-market of new features.

3. Configure tools for software lifecycle development and team communication.

4. Implement role-based access control.

5. Provide a qualified and proactive system administration.


Set Up AWS, Azure & GCP Infrastructures

Designed and managed a range of infrastructures based on Amazon, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Decreased Infrastructure Maintenance Expenses by 60%

Designed and built a cost-effective Google Kubernetes Engine cluster using Terraform, saving our customer about 60% of infrastructure costs compared to the existing setup.

Increased Development Speed
By means of implementing a set of automated CI/CD processes using TeamCity, GoCD, GitLab CI, and BitBucket pipelines.
Increased Monitoring Visibility
Implemented CI and CD pipelines with auto-deploy to development environments.
Simplified User Management

By building a centralized user access management system with the help of LDAP.

Assisted on Multiple Occasions
Working successfully on several projects utilizing different technology stacks and providing a flexible process.

Technologies Used

Client Feedback

“Over the years they have accompanied many Virtido projects with their experience and professional implementation of practical solutions. We strongly value our partnership and are happy to have such a great team to support our DevOps needs whenever they arise.”
Sebastian Flückiger
Partner & CTO at Virtido

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