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We build modern infrastructures

We collaboratively apply edge case technologies to bring immense business value for our customers. We can quickly maximize timely deliverables for cloud infrastructures to ensure outstanding ROI.


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What We Stand For


We rely on the best practices and cutting-edge technologies, often participating in open source. We automate everything.


We are focused on the result, not the process! Our team will overcome obstacles, find solutions and deliver exceptional products. We make things happen.


We aren’t afraid of challenges. We constantly improve ourselves to achieve better, reach higher, deliver faster. The clients trust us to build great products and we often exceed their expectations.


We all come from different backgrounds, bring various skill sets, but have one thing in common - we love what we do. Technology is our work and our hobby. Diverse opinions and experiences are our advantage.

Our Amazing Team

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The Leadership

Vadim Didenko

Chief Technical Officer,   Blockchain Solution Architect
Experienced Blockchain architect with unrivaled expertise in secure cloud infrastructures and PhD degree in dealing with non-trivial tasks.

Roman Dublenych

Head of DevOps
Professional Cloud & DevOps engineer with a focus on security and passion for innovative tech which goes back as far as his childhood.

Dmitry Kutetsky

Head of Business Development
Developer, Tech Lead, DevOps engineer and Senior Out-of-The-Box Thinker focused on helping companies solve their engineering needs.

Industry Recognition